The passion for coffee and photography


Photography is a creative art, which requires great use of wisdom and high level of intelligence to ensure you produce a professional picture that portrays an image of an object. You may have the right skills and expertise as an individual but the type of camera you use determines the outcome. Similarly, coffee is just a plant that you cannot consume it when raw you need some skills to ensure you have a tasty drink. Before coffee is packaged for use, it has to go through a tiresome and complex process. Look at photography in the ancient age; you could only afford to have a black and white scene instead of the color. Brewing of coffee on Brera has also made numerous milestones to its current levels.

The science behind taking a photograph requires some sense of scientific principles for it to come out as a soft copy or a hard copy. Once you focus the camera on an object, the light intensity allows reflection of light to the object and finally to the convex lens on the camera and later stored in a film or a storage device for viewing and printing. Coffee brewing machines on the other hand balances between pressure and temperature for the coffee to come out of the espresso machine. In the machine, water in a chamber is forced to high pressure which increases the boiling point, the insulated chambers create a vacuum where no air comes out and in for it to maintain the temperature- the reason why you will never have reduced temperature from an espresso machine.

These two disciplines are addictive, the fact that you do what you love and enjoy, you always have a positive attitude when you think of operating your camera or a coffee machine. Prolonged use of coffee makes you become addicted to the drink, which has detrimental effects. A photographer will always want to capture every scene, to create a database of pictures for future use. You will note that a photographer has many gadgets which have an inbuilt camera to enhance the passion. Addiction to photography leads to the negligence of other duties.

The reason why you are always passionate about something is the end result which motivates and encourages you to try more innovations. The work of your hands gives you positive energy to try to do more. When you brew coffee and your guests appreciate the touch of class through the taste, it could be the beginning of a career in the food business. In the same way, when you take pictures, which are admired by friends, relatives, and professionals it broadens your mind on a talent probably you have swept under the carpet for some time.

The passion for coffee and photography comes because of various operations involved before the final product is out. When the results are acceptable in the society after going through complex activities, which are challenging, it enhances your personality development and career growth. A unique parameter about coffee and photography, you need passion as the foundation for your career after which training and education are significant to sharpen the skills to a professional level.