Photoshoot for athletes

A photo shoot is taking pictures with professionalism. It is mostly associated with the fashion industry. It adds beauty and glamor on the picture because of the picture quality. Athletes, on the other hand, need a photoshoot for their personal references or for the media platforms. Sports magazines will take a photoshoot of their athlete they need on their cover page. A good quality photograph is a result of

  • A camera with enhanced settings
  • Adequate lighting to measure the background and the scene
  • A steady photographer with creative skills
  • A neat and clear picture to translate in the image

The schedule of an athlete specifically table tennis player involves training on the grip on the handle of the paddle, workouts, and running. Getting a good shot for this intense activity is an uphill task because of the speed of the actions. Despite this, a photographer may still use the following tips to get the right photo shoot for an athlete

Take the right pose

The posture of the lower and the upper limbs defines the right posture of the athlete to avoid confusion- is it a run or a jump. A photographer needs to take the shot when the limbs are extreme apart as well as the arms in opposite directions to prove the movement prior and after the shot. If not, the shot will be a different action. Furthermore, ensure you take a full photo and the background where possible.

Understand the movement of the athlete

Running action is an intense activity, which requires numerous shots for options of the best shot. When you have the knowledge of the next movement of the athlete you can position yourself better to get the right shot. The motor drive in a camera is important to help take at least six poses in a second for you to choose the best among them.

Regulate light intensity

Light enhances vibrancy and quality of the photoshoot. An outdoor photo shoot is easy but always have the direction of light in mind, stand on the opposite side. When doing an indoor photo shoot, you will need an external light system like flashlights to regulate light for the best shot.

Place your camera lens slightly below the eye level of the athlete

Position your camera to be slightly below the level of the athlete for a better ground view photoshoot. It enhances the picture and balances the background too. A higher or lower point of view will disadvantage some parts of the athlete, either enhance or decrease some body parts.

Image result for image of the athlete

Edit and add contrast the image

Use photo-editing skills to remove dirt, regulate light and add contrast to the image to get a quality and pleasant image of the athlete.

Whether the photoshoot is for professional or personal use, quality is paramount. Consider the light intensity, the eye view, pose and movement of the athlete for you to get the right and perfect shot for a classy look. In addition, use a camera with adjustable settings to suit all these parameters for the perfect shot. Have many ideas, take numerous shots at different times for options, and choose the best among them.