Marketing Automation for Camera Industry

Marketing automation defines the road to digital marketing. Its efficiency makes developers spend sleepless nights trying to outdo each other in controlling the market share in the corporate industry. The fact is, marketing automation is a timely solution in management and merging of different departments; to save on costs and time. The camera industry as a business entity faces competition because of new and better cameras from new business entities and renowned brands. Marketing comes in handy to assist spread the word of the new camera for the sake of business growth.

We cannot forget to appreciate the milestones of digital technology, which creates a conducive environment for the development of these applications. The marketing automation industry solely depends on digital technology to ensure their camera products reach the target audience. Some of the renowned marketing automation tools include ConvertKit, MailChimp, Get response and the list is endless. Which one wins?



The three most determining factors for the best marketing automation tool for the camera industry include : 

  • The size of the business

The pricing plans in the marketing automation tools are categorized based on a number of subscribers. In case you have few subscribers, the cost of installation is cheaper compared to a camera company with the high number of subscribers. The advantage of this is that you can always downgrade or upgrade at will. Some of the marketing automation applications like MailChimp have a free version for a limited number of subscribers. New enterprises can opt for this but there is a catch. You have unlimited access to some premier services.


  • Functions and features of the marketing automation kit

There are major functions of a marketing automation kit, like, Auto-responder, Email marketing, categorization of subscribers, development of Email campaigns among others. Why do consumers choose between Mailchimp and Convertkit for example here in Gedlynk‘s comparisons? There are value-added functions in the marketing tools, which give them an upper hand than their competition. In fact, a new entrant in the marketing automation sector uses these functions to create a niche and improve their market share. If a camera company chooses to sell their products online, they need a marketing tool, which has a social media integration inbuilt in the tool to provide online selling and purchasing solutions.


  • The target audience

When a camera company decides to manufacture cameras for the low-end market, like Africa and some parts of the Asian continent, you are sure of limited access to digital technology, especially in the remote parts. Yet, it is a ripe market for the cameras, this is the point you spend more on using marketing solutions which target the dealers and third-party wholesalers to ensure the cameras reach the market. Similarly, in case the company targets the high-end market, they have to invest more in marketing automation tools with value added functions to increase the social presence of the camera brand among them.


The camera industry in itself is a product of digital technology. You are sure the use of a marketing automation tool will increase conversion of leads to ensure the camera business moves to national and international levels.